A brief history

Overseeing projects as a lead technician for mask projects. Managing technician assistants and regulating work hours schedule. Management of budget by time frame and scope of work. Document work-related events, such as job difficulties, escalations, job function improvements, and work relations between technicians and clients. Coordinate technical skills for job type qualification according to work skills needed.

Planning projects, requesting proposals, coordinating the project timeline, and evaluating vendors for skills needed to implement the project. Managed the procurement of the project, briefing and debriefing of the project, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting for malfunctions. Manage equipment accessories compatibility for installing systems and training. Integrated legacy systems and new system developments to induce a coherent and collaborating environment within the existing networks. 

JHTECHCOM, LLC  is a veteran and minority own business. 

Where we are today

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